King of the Streets

King of The Streets is a documentary about the world’s most notorious underground fight club, seen through the lens of an outsider. An authentic and personal portrayal of the lifestyle, belonging, and violence of the fighters and organizers behind the closed doors of KOTS. 

Project Iceman

Amateur athlete Anders Hoffman makes the world’s first attempt at a full distance Ironman on Antarctica. He must put friendships, family and himself on the line to prove that limitations are perceptions.


5 years sober, an alcoholic documentary editor exposes himself to a grueling self development experiment to see if he can edit a story that will save his suicidal brother’s life, but he never considered that it would open up his own childhood traumas as well.


This groundbreaking documentary uncovers the biggest cover-up in the last 2,000 years, which will transform what it means to be Christian, how we view Jesus as a historical figure, and the fundamental ethics of all religion, forever.

Free ChilD

A short film on the life and dreams of Ammar Kandil 

Seek Discomfort

A commercial for the Seek Discomort Fashion Brand.

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