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This course will teach you how to fund your life’s biggest passions by leveraging the power of documentary filmmaking.


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Did you just graduate film school and are ready to impact the world with your films, but feel pressure to take an entry level job? What if it was possible to move straight into working on your own documentary to launch your career in a powerful way.

Stop waiting for life to happen to you. It’s time to become the director of your own life and tell stories that matter.

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Why Us

“We’ve spent over 20 years combined in every aspect of the film industry to now share that knowledge in the most comprehensive and simple way possible. Live the life you’ve been dreaming of by funding your passion through a documentary film. The best part? You don’t need to spend 20 years getting that experience, we’ve boiled it down to 20 hours.”

- Burning Boat Founders


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Burning Boat

Why we’re different


Our Philosophy on whats needed to stand out from the crowd

This course will not teach you the technical side of filmmaking. We will not talk about lights, cameras or microphones. There are plenty courses that already do a great job of teaching that, and that accounts for only 20% of the filmmaking process.

80% of filmmaking is down to YOUR PSYCHOLOGY. This course will push you to dig deep into your mind, body and heart to understand the core of yourself, your passions, and why it’s imperative you share that with the world.

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Whats on your mind


What if my life or passion isn’t interesting enough to be a documentary?

Everyone has a story worthy of the big screen. It’s not about ‘what’ it’s about how and why.

This course will teach you it’s about finding the right approach and storytelling lens.

I don’t have an idea for a documentary but I’m interested in making one

Art is an imitation of nature. Your life is already multiple films, we will help pull those out of you.

Can I truly reach the level of Burning Boat?

With hard work, dedication and a little direction, you can achieve whatever you desire. We were just like at you one stage.